Frigro beschikt over een ruim aanbod van installatiematerialen voor koel- en vriesinstallaties en warmtepompen.

Installation Equipment

Discover our wide range of materials and accessories for the professional installation of refrigeration- and freezing systems and heat pumps.

Las- en draadfittingen


We have a wide range of quality welding and wire fittings. Both for classic coolants as for CO2.

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Capillair leidingen

Capillary pipes

In addition to classic copper capillary pipes, we also distribute the Gomax system. With which you can provide your plants with tailor-made capillary pipes in an efficient and aesthetic way.

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Koper en isolatiemateriaal

Copper and insulation

You can contact us for copper lengths, copper rolls and rolls of pre-insulated copper for climate applications. We also have a wide range of Kaimann insulation materials and accessories. For CO2 applications we are happy to help you further with the necessary accessories in K65.

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Installatie van binnen- en buitentoestellen

Installatie van binnen- en buitentoestellen

We have a wide range of installation materials for a professional finishing of your heat pump installation:

  • Vibration dampers
  • Mounting brackets
  • Cable ducts
  • Condensed water drain


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