lijncomponenten voor koelinstallaties en vrieninstallaties: filterdrogers, magneetventielen, terugslagklappen, kijkglazen, bolkranen, overdruk beveiliging, vloeistofvaten, olieafscheiders, oliereservoirs, olieniveauregelaars, vloeistofafscheiders en trillingsdempers

Line components

Discover our wide range of line components for refrigeration and freezing installations

Filterdrogers voor koel- en vriesinstallaties

Filter driers

Filter driers are drying and purifying the refrigerant. We have a wide range of filter driers which are also suited for natural refrigerants such as R744 (CO2).

  • Castel
  • Danfoss
  • Refrigera
  • Parker
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Magneetventielen voor koel- en vriesinstallaties

Solenoid valves

We have solenoid valves from Castel and Danfoss in our range.

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Terugslagkleppen voor koel- en vriesinstallaties

Check valves

Check valves assure that the refrigerant is only going in one direction. Check valves from the brands Castel, Danfoss and Refrigera are in our range. We have also check valves for natural coolants such as R744 (CO2).

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Kijkglazen voor koel- en vriesinstallaties

Sight glasses

You are able to check if the refrigerant is in the liquid or vapour phase thanks to our quality sight glasses of Castel and Danfoss, Our Sight glasses also contain a indicator to check the humidity inside the cooling circuit.  Sight glasses for R744 are also available.

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Bolkranen en afsluiters

Ball and shutt-off valves

We offer a wide range of ball-valves and shut-off valves, from various brands: Castel, Danfoss and Refrigera. The valves are specifically during servicing of great value. Also available for R744 (CO2).

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Overdrukventielen en afblaasventielen van Castel en Refrigera zorgen voor een optimale bescherming van uw installatie en componenten tegen te hoge drukken

Security valves

Change-over and security valves from Castel and Refrigera provides the perfect protection for the piping and other components in the cooling circuit against high pressure.

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Vloeistofreservoirs, vloeistofafscheiders, oliereservoirs, olieafscheiders van ESK Schultz, Castel, Frigomec en Denaline

Oil- and liquid seperators and reservoirs

A large range of oil- and liquid separators and reservoirs are available, as well as a lot of accessories, from various brands: Denaline, Frigromec, Castel and ESK Schultze.


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Trillingsdempers en muffler voor geluidsdemping en trillingsdemping binnen uw installatie, van ESK Schultz

Sound and vibration dampers

In order to reduce sound and vibrations in your refrigerant piping diagram, we can supply various mufflers and flexible stainless steel – dampers.

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