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The Belgian family enterprise Frigro, founded in 1980, is well known in the cooling world as a reliable partner for the realisation of your cooling, acclimatisation and insulation projects.

Together with various local partners, we are able to provide you with our expertise, installation and a stock of goods, available locally in the market.

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Frigro Solar Hybrid cold room: cooling and freezing on solar energy

Frigro Solar Hybrid: Cold- and freezing room on solar energy

The Frigro Solar Hybrid plug-and-play is a compact and easily transportable cold room, build in a 40 ft. container
The unit is available in two versions: cooling or freezing. It offers a reliable and compact solution to preserve products in a region with power shortages. The cold room is completely powered by solar panels and can be connected to the electric grid or power generator, in case of a shortage of sunlight.

  • Freezing application: temperature of -18°C during daytime.
  • Cooling application: temperature between +2 and +8°C during daytime.
Afrigro plug and play cooling and freezing unit Frigro Export

AFRIGRO: plug-and-play cooling and freezing units

Cooling- and freezing units adapted to the needs of your local market, for rooms of 100 m³ – 250 m³.

  • Unit adapted to local circumstances – possibility to branch on the electric grid or to a generator.
  • Specific modifications to respond to high ambient temperatures and high humidity.
  • Electric protection.
  • Unit ready to plug version monobloc or split.
Frigro Export: custom projects

Custom projects

For the realisation of all kinds of refrigeration projects, one can count on Frigro as a reliable partner. We can supply all kinds of equipment, materials and know-how for commercial and industrial cooling and freezing installations.

  • Cold rooms.
  • Freezing rooms.
  • Freezing tunnels.
  • Ice machines.
Frigro Export refrigeration components

Supplier of all kinds of refrigeration components and tools

Frigro can supply you with refrigeration components of different high quality brands.

  • Compressors and condensing units.
  • Evaporators and condensers.
  • Electric measurement equipment.
  • Mechanical measurement equipment.
  • Refrigeration accessories.
  • Insulation material.
  • Tools.

Presentation video of Frigro

This video gives you a short presentation of the Frigro company.

Solutions and references

Solutions and referencers for export:

  • Plug-and-play cooling and freezing units
  • Cold room powered by solar energy
  • Custom projects
  • Refrigeration components

Adapted to the needs of your local market.

Installation instructions of the Afrigro plug-and-play unit

This video shows you, step by step, how easy one can install the plug-and-play Afrigro unit.

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