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We serve services to cool professionals

We serve services to cool professionals

Frigro Services is a service company established within the Frigro Group, and offers services related to cooling and heat pump techniques and this always to professional installers who wish to be assisted in the realization of a project or who want assistance with resolving a technical issue.

Thanks to its close cooperation with Frigro nv, Frigro Services can count on practice-oriented field engineers and a large team of product specialists who can provide service. Thanks to its level of knowledge, extensive training capacities and a unique service package, Frigro Services is the ideal partner to help you, as a professional installer, reach an even higher level.

Frigro Services has established that the environment in which the professional refrigeration technician or heat pump installer operates is constantly changing.

  • From an environmental point of view, we are confronted with the F-gas legislation, ever-changing norms, both regional, federal and European.
  • Installations must be equipped and installed in accordance with the right requirements and norms so they can be inspected.
  • Our field changes each day on a technical point of view. As a professional, it is a special challenge to be aware of the latest evolutions yourself.

As a knowledge and service partner of the professional, Frigro Services wishes to be able to provide a fast solution to our quick changing industry.

  • Strategy
    We make a clear list of our activities and always keep in mind that these are at the service of the professional.
  • We raise the bar for everyone, and invest in the development of our knowledge level. This is expressed by keeping up-to-date with appropriate training courses, displaying the right professional skills and having the necessary certificates, such as RECERT and ENREF.
  • We not only offer our knowledge level in practice, but ensure that professional installers can also use their knowledge level at schools thanks to an appropriate training offer.
  • We invest in the professional image, tools, resources and employees.

As a professional refrigeration technician or heat pump installer, you can rely on the services from Frigro Services:

  • Setting a heat pump up to work
  • Malfunction analysis of a heat pump
  • Setting a complex cooling installation up to work
  • Start-up of control equipment and temperature registration
  • Custom PLC-programming
  • Failure analysis of a cooling installation
  • Leak detection with forming gas
  • Energetic analysis of a cooling installation
  • Air conditioning energy inspections
  • Tailor-made training
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