Ondek het gamma Panasonic warmtepompen, bij Frigro

Panasonic heat pumps

Panasonic heat pumps offer an elegant and high-quality solution for air conditioning in private, commercial and office buildings. Panasonic is a trendsetter, and opts fully for low GWP refrigerants.

Panasonic Aquarea lucht-water warmtepomp

Aquarea - Domestic range air-to-water

With capacities from 3 to 16 kW, the Aquarea air-to-water heat pumps are the largest range on the market. They meet all your heating and cooling needs. The systems are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.

Panasonic RAC lucht-lucht warmtepompen voor residentiële toepassingen

RAC - Domestic range air-to-air

Panasonic has an extensive range of heat pumps for residential applications. Up to 5 devices can be connected to the Multi-split, so you can optimally use the available space. Different models are available, all of which work with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32:

  • Wall mounted models
  • Floor consoles
  • Cassettes for concealing in the ceiling
  • Ducts to hide in the walls

Throughout our online heat pump capacity calculator you can quickly and easily calculate the capacity for a specific room.

Panasonic PACi lucht-lucht warmtepompen voor commerciële toepassingen

PACi - Commercial range air-to-air

Panasonic has a very extensive range of air-to-air heat pump systems and indoor units, very efficient for the business market. The Inverter compressors ensure optimum performance and contribute to a reduction in energy costs. In addition, the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 is available within this range.

Panasonic VRF luch-lucht warmtepompen voor zakelijke toepassingen

ECOi - VRF range air-to-air

Business solutions for every type of project. The VRF system from Panasonic is especially designed for easy installation and performance with high efficiency. There is a large selection of outdoor and indoor units and unique functions for the most demanding offices and buildings.

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